What we offer

Hiring alone is not enough. To give our NED’s the best chances of success we provide coaching support for each position.

We keep our fees deliberately simple.

Each NED is remunerated at £7-15k pa which includes a £2k fee for enrolment into our Board Ready coaching programme.

Diverse Boards take a 20% fee for every appointment.

BOARD READY is a leadership development programme for those who aspire to be on boards as well as those already on boards who are looking to improve their performance and contribution. We work with delegates to explore the purpose of a board, the roles on a board, and what good governance looks like. We also work with boards who wish to be more inclusive.

Our Board Ready programme works as four small group sessions throughout the year.

BOARD RISER is a coaching programme for talented rising stars who have been identified as 2-5 years away from being considered for a board level position.

Our Board Riser programme works on a one on one level, where high performers have a course of 6 sessions over 6 months with our leadership and performance coaches. This programme is charged at £1,500.

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